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Hello, I'm Raven! A 24-year-old creative with a passion for personal style and fashion. I love shopping, creating content, spending time with my family, impromptu DIY projects, attending music concerts, and reading fashion magazines. I hope you enjoy what Raven's Style Haven has to offer, and be sure to sign up for notifications to keep up with my posts.

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About the Blog

Raven's Style Haven© was created in April of 2014 as a creative space for me to share my personal style and inspire others along the way.

I've always been asked "Where'd you buy that?" "How do you put your outfits together?" "How do you always find sales?" etc. so I figured blogging would be the best way to document my personal style journey and share my favorite places to shop with other style obsessed women like myself. As a millennial on the road to entrepreneurship I don't have hundreds of dollars to spend per outfit so I stay stylish with an emphasis on saving.

My ultimate goal is to create a styling PR boutique where I can help others find their personal style and be comfortable with who they are in what they wear!