2017 in Cardi B Gifs; The Recap!

So this post will be a little different, I've decided to start a new section on the site featuring my personal experiences. This post is dedicated to all that has transpired in my life this past year. It’s a little long but it’s a true testament of God’s faithfulness and the result of appreciating your current season before God can bless you in your new season. Oh yeah, there's a few gifs of my fav sprinkled here and there too! Here we go…

January. I was back in Charleston, working as an assistant manager at one job and as an associate/stylist at another. I started the New Year not knowing where the year would take me but I had faith that God would take me where I needed to go.

February. In the midst of constantly working I was able to go to New York City to spend Valentine's Day with my boyfriend and if you didn't know, I love New York. The lights, the city everything just makes me feel at home every time I visit.

March. I purchased my first car, Sadie :) I hadn’t had a car since I crashed mine last year and that experience was definitely a humbling one. I was so blessed that I had practiced discipline with my finances to get something I really wanted. I missed parties, dinners and so much more. But when you really want something you do what it takes to get it. I worked long days and nights to get something that would grant me the freedom I needed to be great. I chose my needs over my wants every chance I got and it paid off in the long run.

April. I GOT ENGAGED!!! I thought I was going to a going away dinner when Brandon actually invited all of our closest friends to witness the beginning of our next chapter. The full story will be published on our wedding website soon! See pictures by searching the #MeettheMcCulloughs hashtag. 

May. I moved 16 hours away from my hometown to Dallas, Texas on May 18th. So many people asked if I was nervous or scared but I was more excited than anything. I was ready to move to a new city with new people and new opportunities. I also visited LA for the first time and absolutely loved it! This month brought a lot of change but I was ready for it all. 

June. My first full month being jobless. Public relations jobs seemed easy to get before I moved but few in number once I moved. I continutued to pray and search and apply. I grew weary but I knew that I would find the right job for me.

July. I got a jiz-zob! Finally, my first entry-level position in my field and I was so excited. I saved up three months worth of bills and honey the well was running dry, but God never failed to provide. My fiancé literally handled everything, which proved even more that I could always depend on him no matter what.

August. I started setting realistic financial goals for myself since I was getting paid more money than I had ever had before.  I used that same discipline I practiced to buy my car to save on a larger scale. I gained a general interest in taking care of my financial assets and instead of going shopping all the time I would always set money aside for rainy days. Starting small was a great way to cut a bad habit and start a good one. 

September. I turned 24 + tried on wedding dresses for the first time. My personal new year had started and the "omg I'm getting married" feeling started to settle in. Wedding dress shopping was literally so much fun! It made me even more excited for our big day.

October. Practiced discipline in another area, makeup. I didn't buy not ONE makeup product the entire month of October. In November I didn't think twice about not going to Sephora or Ulta every weekend. If you start practicing discipline in one area at a time you'll be amazed at the difference it can make in your finances!

November. I went to San Francisco for the first time and visited the greatest place on earth, the Museum of Ice Cream!

December. I spent my first Christmas with my fiance and cooked my first southern meal for our little family. 

Now that the year is over and I'm reflecting on all the hard times I'm so grateful that God saw fit to give those battles to me, he loves me that much to give me challenges to help me grow, mature and humble myself to grow closer to the purpose he has for me. I can't wait to see what 2018 has instore!