HI loves! Welcome to RavensStyleHaven.com! I've been meaning to start a blog ever since July of 2013 but school began to pick up and so did my jobs so I pushed it off, now that it is finally here I am excited it to share it with YOU! My blog is an outlet for me to express my ideas about fashion, individuality, personal style and whatever else comes to mind. A lot of people always ask where I get my clothes from so I thought this was the perfect way to do something I love while helping and getting advice from others! I've been obsessed with style ever since I can remember and as I get deeper into my career I see that it's something I'm extremely passionate about. With that being said, this blog will feature looks I put together, outfit inspiration and different trends that come and go. Be sure to check out all of the tabs above to make the most of your time here, thanks for visiting! 

Stay stylish,

Rae :)