Personal Style 101

Without personal style the world would be full of clones, all wearing the same thing, from the same place, ALL the time. It doesn't get anymore boring than that. I embrace having my own style and I encourage others to do the same! Trends are cool but they would be nothing without a personal touch, it's important to be comfortable in what you wear. My personal style isn't really concrete, I like to keep it versatile! I love mixing and matching articles of clothing and switching up my style from time to time. Below are some things that reoccur in my every day style.

Black& White: This classic color combo has stuck with me lately and I can honestly say I don't mind. I'm trying to venture out since spring is here but let's face it, not likely!

Statement Necklaces: These give an artsy feel to any outfit, especially the huge chunky necklaces with lots of detail. Even the more simple ones with just enough design to stand out can be eye catching.

Pop of Color: This day in fashion abstract colors aren't just used for black and white duos anymore. I add color to any outfit, it can be a bag, my lipstick, jewelry or even my eyeliner. Hot pink, cobalt blue, yellow,  and really any other bold color can take my outfit up  a notch without going over the top. (maybe. . . I can be THE definition of over the top sometimes lol)

Mixed Prints: Polka dots and stripes, graphic tees and floral print, leopard print and stripes, plaid and wait. . .I don't mix plaid but you get the picture. I stopped caring about matching long ago so I try various prints to see how I like them together!

Dresses: GAH! I don't know if its the feminine feel or the comfort I get when wearing them but I am deeply in love with dresses of all kinds. Skaters, minis, midis, maxi's, I love them all!

I love dressing to express myself. My personal style says a lot about me and I love that! Just like yours says a lot about you :) Wear what you want regardless of what anyone has to say. . . Make yourself happy.

Need help figuring out what your personal style is? Just shoot me an email and I'll be glad to help.


Stay Stylish,

Rae :)