Electric Lady

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IMG_7618While creating this look I had one thing in mind: the brighter the better! This electric blue romper from forever 21 and lime green lace up heels from LolaShoetique.com seemed like the perfect combo to make the summer days a little brighter! My personal style is very spontaneous, I've never paired these colors together so I figured I would play around with them to see how they look, safe to say I'm in love.

Other color combos I've had my eyes on are pink and yellow, purple and green, and mint and orange (even though I'm not an orange fan :P). Color blocking is a trend that has come and never left, and personally, I will try lots of other combos in the future! Tell me what you think of this vibrant color combo and which colors you would put together in a comment below :) Stay Stylish dolls,



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