Bicycles, The Perfect Pattern

RSH-4 Sale: every college fashionista's favorite word! I was shopping the fall sale at Urban Outfitters and there were red tagged items literally everywhere. As I was sorting through all of the deals I spotted this tee-shirt with blue, gray and black bicycles. It seemed really random but I love when I find pieces with quirky patterns and designs to add to my wardrobe. I also found these cool tights from UO too and they were only $2.99! I like how they give the illusion of wearing socks over tights, I haven't seen many stores selling these.

The key component to putting together an affordable yet cute outfit is to mix pieces you already have in your wardrobe with your newest purchases. It works for me, so if you have problems with budgeting when you shop you should try this tip! More outfit details below.

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Blazer & shorts: Forever 21

Tee & tights: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Old Navy

Stay Stylish,