Olive is the New Black

Olive is the New BlackSo, we're only about 12 days into the fall season and I'm already declaring olive green as this season's favorite neutral. Also referred to as khaki, the hue has dominated the season thus far. It's been worn on the red carpet, featured in celebrity street style highlights and all throughout fashion month at runway shows. I love green and I can't wait to find some cute olive pieces to wear with distressed denim, contrasting colors and cute shoes! This time of the year is my favorite because the presence of fall hues like burgundy, deep purple, chocolate and olive are a cue that fall fashion is on the horizon. Here are some of my favorite olive looks so far:

Ciaraimage[2]Rihanna Riri Olive 2Riri Olive 3Riri Olive 1Nazanin Mandiimage[5]Nicki Minajimage[4]Karrueche TranKarrueche Olive2karrueche oliveK oliveMicah Gianneliimage[5]image[4]Chanel Imanimage[2]The Daleigh image[6]Carli Bybelphoto 1AmrezyRezy Olive@KhakiStylesimage[3]

Will olive be your neutral of choice this fall? Leave pictures in the comments, I want to see how you rock your green! Stay stylish,

Rae :)