My path to fashion design didn't start with a four year degree. It was more like drawing the flyest #ootd self portraits in elementary art class and designing first place pageant dresses in high school. Nevertheless, it's a passion that has never left. I found this fabric at Jo~Ann's. After Queen Bey's album of the summer and a little  fashion influence from Dolce and Gabbanna, I wanted to design something that catered to my personal style. 

Crop tops and circle skirts flatter my shape so they're always a go-to, especially during the summer time. My style is very girly. I love custom made clothing because I know I won't find anyone else wearing the same thing I'm wearing. *hair flip* What do you think of my design? Leave a comment below!

Two piece separate: Red Robin Couture (Designed by Me :D)/Shoes: Forever21

Stay Stylish,