How to Style: Fall Florals

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has fallen victim to the Target effect. If you're not familiar, let me explain. You go into target with a list of things to get and end up leaving with everything in the store except what you actually needed. I'm not sure what it is about Target that makes me want to give them ALL of my coins but I'm here for it...still! 

I've always wanted to find a jumpsuit that catered to my size without having it altered. Most jumpsuits end up being so long when I try them on that I can't take two steps without tripping. I came across this one peice on a 20% off Xhilaration™ rack (discount courtesy of the Cartwheel app- get hip!) and I' so glad I did. 

I love floral prints because they add  a feminine feel to a look. No matter what season it is you can rest assure that I'll have at least one floral piece in my wardrobe. 

Shopping tip: Before you purchase something, TRY IT ON!

I know this can seem inconvenient at times but the time you spend trying on items in-store is worth it if the items don't flatter you like you expected them to. Do you try on your clothes before you buy them? Or do you just grab & go to deal with it later? Let me know in a comment!