Museum of Ice Cream | San Fran Style

If you've ever wondered what heaven looks like... this is it!!! The Museum of Ice Cream is a place where childhood ideas are turned into real life experiences. Every room highlights a different aspect of ice cream. From a pool full of 100 million colored "sprinkles" to  swingsets with whip cream backdrops-- this is definitely a trip all ages can enjoy.

I first discovered MOIC on Instagram and I was immediately attracted to the sweet aesthetic. The pretty colors and candy inspired fixtures looked like a blogger's dream. Initially when I was packing I wanted to wear bright colors. Then somehow I ended up in all black. *shocker*. I wore a black turtleneck, black pants, gold sandals and my oh so appropriate ice cream clutch I snagged in London a few years ago.

We originally planned to go to MOIC LA but the tickets were sold out for months in advance. The second time around I planned better and was able to score tickets for my fiance and I! If you'd like to attend the MOIC see a few tips for securing tickets:

  1. Sign up for email updates. When you sign up for emails you get the inside scoop (pun intended) on new locations, ticket sales and more.
  2. Set an alarm. You'll receive an email when the tickets go on sale for your desired location. It will have the date and exact time. I set an alarm five minutes before the tickets went on sale so I was ready to purchase as soon as they went on sale. There might be a wait time, but don't refresh your page because you will lose your place!   
  3. Place your order!!! Once you enter the site, select your day and time then enter your card info to secure your spot.

Once your order is complete browse to check out other things to do during your stay!