Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving stylistas! This is my first holiday in my semi-new city and I'm excited to spend it with my family here in Dallas! I'm not sure what I'm going to wear yet, but every year I make sure my comfort comes first! I'm liable to make a solid three trips to the kitchen so I have to make sure my look can sustain the mac&cheese, cornbread, fried turkey and whatever else comes out of the oven. 

This look was inspired by my desire to style these bell bottoms I bought last fall from Charlotte Russe ($30), you can purchase them here for 50% off. I paired them with this white turtleneck from Forever 21 ($3!) and this tan duster from ShopEntourage ($45).

Styling tip: Dress appropriately for the occasion. 

When creating any look consider the type of fabric your garments are made of and how well they can handle your activities for the day. If you consider these things beforehand it could prevent your favorite sweater being ruined by cranberry sauce. *cringes* Keep your Thanksgiving style intact while eating all the food your heart can handle! 

I hope you all enjoy this day with your families, friends and loved ones. I'm thankful for all of you!