Views from the Thrift

Thrifting is not for everybody; to be honest it definitely wasn't for me until about a year ago. I would literally cringe at the thought of wearing second hand clothes. In addition to my sickening attitude towards the activity I had tried thrifting before and wasn't successful. I bought a sweatshirt that unraveled to shreds after I washed it once and a silk shirt that I just threw away after looking at it for too long.

Everything changed last summer when I couldn't find a stone washed jean jacket in regular stores. I went to every thrift store I could find and while searching I came across some one-of-a-kind pieces. Even if they weren't exactly what I was looking for they had the potential to be dope. Since I'm getting more into design now when I see items I envision how I can customize them to fit my personal style. 

This paisley top is thrifted, I paid $3.99 for it and I love it. It's a few sizes too big so I tied it which is what I do with most of my oversized tops. I think it gives the look more of a vintage vibe. I can't believe I've been so sleep on thrift shops, especially the local ones. I'm all for anything unique that no one else will have. I think it's safe to say I'm a converted thrifter now! Comment your thoughts on the look and watch my try on haul below!

Top: Goodwill | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Rack Room Shoes



Raven Ellis