Stay Stylish

I designed this shirt in April when Raven's Style Haven turned three. I planned to add it to Raven's Style Shop but once I moved to Dallas in May I shifted my focus and put the blog on pause as I got my life together. I have about four other designs so if you're interested they'll be up soon! 

Stay Stylish is the final thought in each of my blog posts. I use this platform to inspire individuals to express themselves through their personal style as I do through mine. Style is not what you wear, it's how you wear it because that is what makes all the difference. Style is a state of mind and it begins with the confidence you have in yourself, to be yourself. 

How do you Stay Stylish? 

Sunglasses & Shirt: Designed by me, contact to purchase :)

Skirt & Shoes: Charlotte Russe| Belt: Palmetto Moon



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