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Rae of Sunshine

So you know those usernames you make in high school that never go away? The title of this post derives from my first and only twitter name for my former account: @1RaeofSunshine. My friends  always mentioned me as the friend who could brighten up anyone's day and it really stuck with me. Today, you can find me staying stylish on Twitter under my new handle: @RavenStyledMe. 

These pants are my favorite pair in my entire wardrobe! They're perfect for summer and I love how well they fit. I knew they would compliment the bright geometrics of the west village mural, a Dallas staple. My top is from Forever 21 $16, my pants are from Zara $20,  my earrings are from H&M $10 and my heels are from Forever 21 as well, they were $20. 

Shopping Tip: If you can't stop thinking about it, buy it! I saw these pants one week slept on it for a few days then went back and they were on sale! Sometimes I can be an impulse buyer so this is the strategy I use to combat quick spending. Waiting has its perks from time to time, try it the next time you're out shopping!